Rabu, 08 Februari 2017

Bayern Munich Will Not Take The Trouble To Buy Ozil

Michael Ballack Bayern Munich believe that won't be having a hard time financially to redeem playmaker Mesut Ozil, a mainstay of Arsenal.

Ozil's contract at the Emirates will end in 2018. But until now still no signs the player will give a long-term commitment in North London.

Earlier, he had made comments in the media, that he would extend his contract if you already get the certainty of Arsene Wenger will stay at the Club next season.

Meanwhile, Ballack then Ozil, advised that if he wanted to add to the collection of trofinya, it's good the stars consider to join the giant Germany, Bayern Munich.

Though not cheap, with a detachable designate ex Chelsea was confident Carlo Ancelotti's team will not take the trouble to make up for the Real Madrid ex services.

"If you look at recent developments in the United Kingdom and China, it could not be avoided again that Bavaria in the near future will be buying players at a price of 50 million euros," said Ballack, according to International Goals.

"They should do it if they want to compete with the best."

"If you want to bring world-class players, you have to make a big investment."

La Liga Giants Barcelona reportedly is looking for creative new players in the summer. Fortress El Blaugrana is rumored to want to try to bring in playmaker Mesut Ozil, Arsenal in the summer. Bayern Munchen Squad

Ozil's future at the Emirates Stadium itself is in the midst of a huge question mark. Because his contract at Arsenal will end in 2018, but up to now he has not failed to extend his contract.

One of the factors that caused the traffic-jammed negotiations Ozil's contract is a matter of salary. Ozil called asking for a nominal salary is very large so that the management of The Gunners are reluctant to obey his wishes.

Germany national team this penggawa situation did not escape the attention of Barcelona. According to the News reported by The Mirror, the strongholds of La Liga champions are keen to bring in Ozil in the summer later.

Barcelona's own stronghold reportedly wouldn't mind to meet the exorbitant salary Ozil. They are called ready to pay £ 250.000 per week if he is willing to leave the Camp Nou later in the summer.

But Barcelona isn't the only team that meminati the services of Ozil. Bayern Munich and former club Real Madrid Ozil also called wanna get his services in summer later.

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