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Barcelona News : Victory at Anoeta, This is Said Luis Enrique

Barcelona Squad Players - Barcelona finally managed to end a bad record at the headquarters of Real Sociedad, Anoeta Stadium. Visited there, Friday (20/1/2017) early morning EDT, Past success took home the victory 1-0.

The city foster care Luis Enrique has indeed failed to scored a goal through open play. The deciding goal victory they minted Neymar Jr. via white dots in the first round at the 21st minute.

Even though it's just win thin, Barcelona celebrates the victory as the final. Because, in the last eight-the visit of El Barca are not capable of picking a single victory at Anoeta.

"During my show as a player, I never won a match at Anoeta. But since coming in as a coach, this is my first win there, "said Barcelona Squad Players Enrique told journalists after the match, Marca quoted.

"Now you can not call the Barcelona stadium was condemned. The story of the curse was there only a joke, "said Enrique.

The victory over Barcelona, pocketed a positive capital to melakoni eight big round second leg of the Copa del Rey. Because, in addition to leading the aggregate goals, the second leg in the deciding game would be held at the headquarters of their own at Camp Nou.

Barcelona's victory over Real Sociedad paid dearly with an injury that befell Andres Iniesta. From the results of the initial examination of the call if the origin of the Spain midfielder was suffering from problems in his left calf section.

On the first leg of the quarter finals matches of the Copa del Rey at the Anoeta Stadium, Friday (20/1/2017) qualifier, Iniesta was forced to pulled out and replaced by Andre Gomes in minute 46. This is the second time he had a knee injury problems this season.

"Iniesta replaced due to having problems on the part of his left calf. Barcelona Squad Roster Players On this day, she will have more checks on his return to Barcelona, "an official statement quoted clubs such as ESPN.

However, the absence of midfield generals not too disturbing the game Past. The hosts team because Luis Enrique successfully defend a 1-0 advantage until the match is over.

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