Selasa, 14 Maret 2017

Mesut Ozil Want Mourinho at Squad Manchester United

The Manchester United boss, Jose Mourinho, Mesut Ozil situations observe the Middle at Arsenal and could be going to try to bring Germany's players in the summer, according to a new report circulating in the United Kingdom.

Ozil, who is now 28 year old, has 15 months left in his contract at the Emirates and he has yet to agree a new contract.

Germany's players are demanding a salary more than 260,000 pounds per week to survive in the future, but the Gunners Arsene Wenger also made it feel free to continue to defend the London team.

Mourinho had handled Ozil during three seasons at Real Madrid and never mentions the former Werder Bremen player as one of the world's best number 10.

According to reports the Football London, Mourinho keen to recruit Ozil and he continues to observe the progress of Germany players in North London.

If it is indeed not new contract got Ozil before the end of the season later, maa Arsenal may be forced to sell the former Madrid player.

Although Mourinho interested them at Old Trafford as Manchester United Players Salary, Arsenal will probably be more than happy to sell it to the State of Bavaria in Munich, which reportedly also are interested.

Jose Mourinho said he would not think about the absence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Manchester United was top in all races of this season.

Sweden's players it certainly can't play when Manchester United played against Chelsea, in the FA Cup quarter-final to be played at Stamford Bridge later that night.

He got his punishment from the FA, after presumed guilty of elbowing Defender Tyrone Mings in Premier League.

The absence of Ibrahimovic necessarily so great difficulties for Mourinho, but his manager chose not to think about it and focus to find a victory.

Selasa, 21 Februari 2017

Barcelona was not Interested Wenger and Klopp

Guillem Balague believes Barcelona will not appoint Arsene Wenger or Jurgen Klopp as successor to Luis Enrique.

Barca called looking for a new Manager, after Enrique is expected to lift the foot at the end of the season. The Catalan team is undergoing a difficult season and lose 0-4 from PSG in the Champions League last week.

They also left behind a number of Real Madrid in La Liga and have played two games more.

Klopp holds a dijagokan new Barcelona Manager, along with Wenger, whose contract expires at the end of the season along with Arsenal later.

However, Balague said on Sky Sports: "Barcelona players salary is not interested in Wenger or Klopp."

"Klopp not considered not because he's not good – he's actually very good-but because they would be difficult to pull it out from Liverpool."

"Wenger, meanwhile, did not fit in with their plans."

Earlier, Tottenham boss, Mauricio Pochettino, also known as entered in the Exchange Manager upgrade for Barcelona in the summer.

The voices demanding Jurgen Klopp to leave Liverpool have started to sound. Manager Germany initially was able to lift the performance of The Reds but lately less consistently so threatened can not qualify for the Champions League next season.

Since coming to the Club by 2015, Klopp has been bringing a number of quality players such as Sadio Mane and Joel Matip. However, not all target transfer Klopp can come to Anfield.

The following rows of players who failed were recruited during Manager Jurgen Klopp.

Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

Manchester City Squad : Can all happen in the Premier League

Manchester City - Fernandinho said that could still happen in the Premier League, when he was asked about the odds of Manchester City to be champion this season.
After the victory over Swansea and Bournemouth, City now rose to the rank of temporary and lagging two standings eight figures from Chelsea. Josep Guardiola, the brothers say the distance is too far, so he is still pessimistic his club could be the champion at the end of the season.

But Fernandinho think different and he is optimistic The Citizens still have many things to championed in the Premier League this time.

"Everyone knows how hard the Premier League, so the eight numbers are not too relevant," said Fernandinho in the FFT.

"We still have to face them in their own stadon, and it is one game which is roughly worth six figures, and certainly everything can still happen in the Premier League." see Manchester City Players Salary

"Unfortunately, our next match in the Premier League will not be played until the beginning of March, who seemed still long enough. But I think it's very important to win over Bournemouth and rose to the position of the two. "

Manchester City (Man City) success in recruiting the best players of the world. Not Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, but Carli Lloyd.

They managed to borrow the best player the 2015 and 2016 daughter from Houston Dash. Lloyd later will help Manchester City win the domestic League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League.

The League and the FA Cup has not been rolling. While Man City already ensure a quarter-final ticket. "Although this briefly, an incredible opportunity. I would like to try your abilities with the best players of world class in the Champions League, "said Lloyd, reported by the Guardian.

Lloyd is one of the most accomplished daughter. He won the World Cup in 2015 and won two gold medals along with United States (u.s.).

The name Lloyd soars when scored three goals in the final women's World Cup 2015 opponents Japan. At that time, the U.S. won 5-2 and Lloyd so top scorer with six goals.

Rabu, 08 Februari 2017

Bayern Munich Will Not Take The Trouble To Buy Ozil

Michael Ballack Bayern Munich believe that won't be having a hard time financially to redeem playmaker Mesut Ozil, a mainstay of Arsenal.

Ozil's contract at the Emirates will end in 2018. But until now still no signs the player will give a long-term commitment in North London.

Earlier, he had made comments in the media, that he would extend his contract if you already get the certainty of Arsene Wenger will stay at the Club next season.

Meanwhile, Ballack then Ozil, advised that if he wanted to add to the collection of trofinya, it's good the stars consider to join the giant Germany, Bayern Munich.

Though not cheap, with a detachable designate ex Chelsea was confident Carlo Ancelotti's team will not take the trouble to make up for the Real Madrid ex services.

"If you look at recent developments in the United Kingdom and China, it could not be avoided again that Bavaria in the near future will be buying players at a price of 50 million euros," said Ballack, according to International Goals.

"They should do it if they want to compete with the best."

"If you want to bring world-class players, you have to make a big investment."

La Liga Giants Barcelona reportedly is looking for creative new players in the summer. Fortress El Blaugrana is rumored to want to try to bring in playmaker Mesut Ozil, Arsenal in the summer. Bayern Munchen Squad

Ozil's future at the Emirates Stadium itself is in the midst of a huge question mark. Because his contract at Arsenal will end in 2018, but up to now he has not failed to extend his contract.

One of the factors that caused the traffic-jammed negotiations Ozil's contract is a matter of salary. Ozil called asking for a nominal salary is very large so that the management of The Gunners are reluctant to obey his wishes.

Germany national team this penggawa situation did not escape the attention of Barcelona. According to the News reported by The Mirror, the strongholds of La Liga champions are keen to bring in Ozil in the summer later.

Barcelona's own stronghold reportedly wouldn't mind to meet the exorbitant salary Ozil. They are called ready to pay £ 250.000 per week if he is willing to leave the Camp Nou later in the summer.

But Barcelona isn't the only team that meminati the services of Ozil. Bayern Munich and former club Real Madrid Ozil also called wanna get his services in summer later.

Minggu, 29 Januari 2017

Atletico Madrid Squad : We Wants To Bring Alexis Sanchez

Atletico Madrid Squad Players - Gossip Alexis Sanchez's future at Arsenal is increasingly crowded with the news that mentions the Club Board over La Liga, Atletico Madrid go into the hunt.

Sanchez has indeed become one of the hot commodities in the January transfer window this summer and it is likely to come. Up to now the origin of Chile striker had not extended his contract with The Gunners.

Now as reported by The Sun, Atletico is ready to seduce Sanchez with the lure of a salary worth £ 220 per week. This figure is far higher than the offered Arsenal in contract extension proposal.

Atletico considers Sanchez as the ideal replacement if indeed they actually left a strong Antoine Griezmann is associated with Manchester United.

In addition, several other clubs Atletico who previously associated with Sanchez, Atletico Madrid Squad Players among others, Juventus and Chelsea.

Manchester United return to competition in the hunt for the attacker Antoine Griezmann. After Inter Milan, Arsenal now turn in the hunt for the attackers Atletico Madrid.

Quoted from Mail, Arsenal are serious enough to be able to get services Griezmann. Coach Arsene Wenger will leave its policies that are known to save money in recruiting players.

Wenger is going to spend a typical Arsenal of up to 85 million pounds. Major is expected to fund could make Atletico are willing to take off striker origin France.

Not only that, Griezmann will also was handed a contract with a salary worth 250,000 pounds every week. The most expensive salaries among other Arsenal players.

Griezmann itself currently has a contract with Atletico until the year 2021.

Players aged 25 years earlier santer referred to be the players shooting. Coach Jose Mourinho had long wanted to Griezmann joined. Mourinho is currently commissioned Paul Pogba to seduce Griezmann so willing to move to the MU.

Jumat, 20 Januari 2017

Barcelona News : Victory at Anoeta, This is Said Luis Enrique

Barcelona Squad Players - Barcelona finally managed to end a bad record at the headquarters of Real Sociedad, Anoeta Stadium. Visited there, Friday (20/1/2017) early morning EDT, Past success took home the victory 1-0.

The city foster care Luis Enrique has indeed failed to scored a goal through open play. The deciding goal victory they minted Neymar Jr. via white dots in the first round at the 21st minute.

Even though it's just win thin, Barcelona celebrates the victory as the final. Because, in the last eight-the visit of El Barca are not capable of picking a single victory at Anoeta.

"During my show as a player, I never won a match at Anoeta. But since coming in as a coach, this is my first win there, "said Barcelona Squad Players Enrique told journalists after the match, Marca quoted.

"Now you can not call the Barcelona stadium was condemned. The story of the curse was there only a joke, "said Enrique.

The victory over Barcelona, pocketed a positive capital to melakoni eight big round second leg of the Copa del Rey. Because, in addition to leading the aggregate goals, the second leg in the deciding game would be held at the headquarters of their own at Camp Nou.

Barcelona's victory over Real Sociedad paid dearly with an injury that befell Andres Iniesta. From the results of the initial examination of the call if the origin of the Spain midfielder was suffering from problems in his left calf section.

On the first leg of the quarter finals matches of the Copa del Rey at the Anoeta Stadium, Friday (20/1/2017) qualifier, Iniesta was forced to pulled out and replaced by Andre Gomes in minute 46. This is the second time he had a knee injury problems this season.

"Iniesta replaced due to having problems on the part of his left calf. Barcelona Squad Roster Players On this day, she will have more checks on his return to Barcelona, "an official statement quoted clubs such as ESPN.

However, the absence of midfield generals not too disturbing the game Past. The hosts team because Luis Enrique successfully defend a 1-0 advantage until the match is over.

Minggu, 08 Januari 2017

Eric Bailly Want Lindelof Join Manchester United Squad

Bailly Want Lindelof Join United - Manchester United defender, Eric Bailly, want to play with Victor Lindelof, the latter will soon be landing at Old Trafford.
Lindelof, who were aged 22 years, is rumored to be joining United, though manager Jose Mourinho has denied it will bring in a new defender in January.

Bailly, who was the Ivory Coast in the African Nations Cup, said he would be delighted to welcome Lindelof at United.

"I hope to play with him, he will help us," said Bailly on Fotbollskanalen. Manchester United Squad Players 2017

"He is a very good player. He has great quality and he would play with a nice if he joined us."

Although it will increase competition in the core United, Bailly said that the presence Lindelof will make the defense team stronger.

"We have a lot of defenders nice, Chris Smalling, Marcos Rojo and Phil Jones. But I hope to play with Lindelof. I'm not guaranteed a place, and I know I have to play well. Manchester United Squad We all continue to fight and do our best. If we got a chance, we have to give our best. I think we will play well together. "